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    Melanie Dunce (Monday, 12 November 2012 17:48)

    fantastic dogs, I love your Huskies, Cant wait until we get ours

We have bred some of the top winning huskies in the country.

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About Us



Esquimaux are a small family run show and racing kennel, based in the South East of England.

We are very proud of our Siberian Huskies and Chinese Crested dogs.


We are Peter and Nicky Shakeshaft, we live in Kent

We are Kennel Club Accredited breeders, and our dogs are bred for temprement and working ability. All our breeding stock have been health tested, and have their relevant certificates.


Esquimaux Ticket to Ride.
Esquimaux Ticket to Ride.

Our Siberian Huskies are shown and worked in harness. They love to do the job they were bred for. Pete and the dogs really enjoy the training and going to rallies. The Siberian Husky is a very special breed, some people might find this breed hard to manage, but we love them to bits. There is nothing we would change. They are born to run.

Our Huskies have been very succesful in the ring, we are very proud of all our dogs.

Nicky & Angel
Nicky & Angel

We love the Chinese Crested breed, these may be small dogs, but they think they are big. We have fun and are very succesful in showing our Cresteds, and they even love to have a go at lure racing. This is a fascinating breed, there is never a dull moment when you own a Crested.

Our Kids
Our Kids

We have been very lucky, as our kids just love dogs. They have shown a keen interest in junior showmanship, with Tilly and Jude qualifying for the JHA semi finals at Richmond, both being placed. They all enjoy going to rallies and are keen to help water and look after the dogs before and after races.

Tilly is joining her father in racing the dogs, and is a Junior Musher, competeing in the youngest age group.


January 2010
January 2010